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First post

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Decided to get a weblog up and running again on my site, after abandoning it 15 years ago and putting up redirect and a placeholder since then. Though admittedly, the last placeholder I had was pretty nice, a sunrise photo taken from my apartment in DTLA (see above!).

What kickstarted this? I accidentally nuked the docroot while working on a new project for work, and in doing research for said project, I ran across some thing that I thought would be fun to play with. So here it is, a site built using Astro. Just using a basic template for now but will most likely tweak it once I add Vue integration.

In the late 90s building a blog from scratch (php / mysql) was almost a rite of passage, moved onto b2 (Wordpress’ predecessor), self-hosted Wordpress, then took it online with LiveJournal, and then social media took over; ditching writing blog posts for doing status updates and microblogging (tweet!) and waiting for the thumbs up, hearts, and likes to roll in. Since then, I believe it’s made the world a worse place, and I’ve largely ditched most of it all (You’ll still find me on Instagram on Mastodon through).

But this blog is mine, it’s not going anywhere, and what I like about Astro is it doesn’t require any databases or backend stuff to be set up –– just a build and deploy process which is right up my alley. I’m actually learning a few things that I can apply to work as well. It all works out. 👍