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My FJ Cruiser (part 3)

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[January 2007] I joined a small group of 6 (mostly FJs and a Honda Passport) for a trail run on Rincon Shortcut. A scenic trail and there was still some snow that hadn’t yet melted. Got a good chance to try the new Mickey Thompson Baja Claw tires that were just installed. I’m trying to remember my reasoning for getting these, but it was mostly likely along the lines of “these look mean as heck”. They did make the FJ look very aggressive but the road noise was really something to get used to. Thankfully I guess the rubber was pretty soft and they didn’t last long before the treads wore thin. In addition, I had installed a Demello front bumper and skid plate.

my FJC

An improvement was made on the comms side and installed a Bandi Mount paired with a 2-foot Firestik CB antenna. No more rooftop magnetic mount antenna with a wire awkwardly snaking through a window gap into the interior. For recovery (I didn’t need it here), I got a shackle hitch receiver and D-ring.

my FJC

[April 2007] I joined a group from the “blue board” to get muddy at Azusa Canyon OHV. I’ve gone there a grand total of 3 times, and each time it gets progressively muddier. But back then it was a good mix of water crossings, mud, hill climbs, and rocky sections. I got a longer 5-foot Firestick antenna, which gave it a “giant RC car” look. Also a Hi-Lift jack, and some FourTreks tube mounts to get it on the roof rack. A side note: I’ve only used the Hi-Lift once — and that was to assist in installing a rear bumper. Today it stays off the FJ unless I might need it. Tired of looking at empty holes in the bumper, Acro H1900 halogen pods were installed as driving lights.

my FJC my FJC my FJC

The build so far (🟢: added, 🔴: deleted)

Tires: 🟢 Mickey Thompson Baja Claw (33 x 12), 🔴 BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO (265/70R17)

Suspension: DR 3-inch lift, DR billet upper control arms, Demello Offroad body mount chop

Armor: 🟢 Demello single-hoop front bumper (no DO logo), 🟢 Demello skid plate, 🔴 Toyota skid plate, Demello sliders

Performance: TRD cat-back exhaust

Lighting: 🟢 Acro H1900 halogen pods

Interior: Toyota rubber floor mats

Comms: 🟢 Bandi mount, 🟢 Firestik antennas, Midland CB Radio

Gear: generic 12v air compressor, Staun Tyre Deflators