So the past year or so I've been slowly "De-Googling" my life, starting with replacing Google Maps, (now Apple Maps), Google Search (now Kagi), Gmail (now Proton), Chrome (now Arc for work and Safari for everything else), and just yesterday I cancelled my Google Fi cell service and switched over to Visible.

[I actually started in 2020 when Google announced the end of unlimited HQ photos in their Photos app, after which I stopped sync and uninstalled the app, and in the same year the end of Google Music, which was excellent, and then migrated over to Apple Music – and since then over to Spotify]

I was holding on to Fi hoping they would support the Apple Watch, but it's looking like that won't happen, and ran across Visible while searching around. A Verizon MVNO, $25/mo with unlimited data and they support Apple Watch, in addition to a hassle-free international add-on (where Fi used to shine). So it was an immediate signup for me.

A rare 'W' for Google making the Fi cancellation process extremely easy, and provided the exact info Visible needed for porting my number over. All done online, and the number transferred in minutes, and then Visible activation and setup completed in a few more minutes.

So with that, the only Google product I'm still actively using is YouTube. Might be a while before a viable alternative to that comes around.