What's With All The Dark TV Shows?

What's With All The Dark TV Shows?
Game of Thrones Season 8: One of the first dark episodes I've watched

Not figuratively, but literally.

For me it started with that GoT episode that everyone complained about. More recently and personally speaking, I finished watching "The Continental" on Peacock and it's even worse. Just before that we watched "Shōgun", which was also dark but nowhere near as bad. I'm not sure if this is intentional or a misconfig by the streaming service.

We have a 4K DolbyVision-capable TV and I've watched 4K BluRay content and it looks amazing, but for streaming services it's hit and miss. Mostly "miss" and if it does work (mind you, I set the bar low of streaming) it's just "meh". I use a TV 4K to stream to my TV, with "Match Dynamic Settings" enabled. Pressing the "Info" button on the TV recognizes the program as a 2160p DolbyVision stream but it looks bland as heck and mostly unwatchable unless it's the evening and all the lights are out. Here's how it looks with ambient light at 5pm:

The subtitles are bright enough but the actual content is nearly unwatchable. I mean, even the Amazon Alexa whatever-it's-called next to the TV is brighter.

Conversely I've had HDR content wrong the other way when I streamed "Dungeons & Dragons" and it was too bright. The content was fine, but the subtitles' brightness were cranked up to the strength of a thousand suns. It was so distracting I had to turn the subtitles off. And yeah I watch TV with subs on most of the time because usually the audio is just as wonky as HDR content – don't get me started on that whole rant.